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We are a family of three  four based @ the Green Valley township in Faridabad, India.

The four of us:

Vanya is the youngest amongst us. Born in 2009, she is our miracle-child who couldn't wait to join us! Coming in earlier than expected, she still makes it a point to announce  her presence loud & clear, making the most of her extremely effective vocal chords.




 Vriti, our first-born, is the most adorable kid this world has known. All those who know her love her for the kindness and generosity she exudes at such a  tender age. Vriti is currently enjoying her infancy spending most of her time with her grandparents and her favourite playschool!





Nupur is a fashion designer who headed new product development at major buying houses for over a decade. Born with a creative streak, she has an innate ability to bond with people and her love for design is only exceeded by her love for flavours! She considers herself more of a stylist than a designer - a fact that shows in the way things tend to take on her energy and a subsequent appeal in her presence! Currently she is on a sabbatical from work, spending most of her time bringing up our two angels.





Kamal is a digital marketer specializing in marketing strategy and creative services. he currently heads a Digital Agency in Nairobi, Kenya. A technology enthusiast, he is an idea-person who embodies strong marketing insights & sensibilities with a passion for contemporary technologies.



We hope that you will find all relevant information about us over here. A lot many sections are currently under construction and should go live soon.

Soon to come: A photo gallery and a page for our friends!

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